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Welcome to the World of Self-Care.


I facilitate a range of workshops in a variety of contexts including schools, universities and organisations, under the umbrella name of World of Self-Care. My workshops can be adapted to different social contexts and age groups, and are designed to be fun, interactive and creative. 


Through creating a safe space for conversations around mental health, self-love and self-care, I aim to give people the tools and confidence to support their own mental health and well-being. I aim to raise awareness of mental health issues and to break down stigmas and misconceptions, as well as providing practical strategies for coping with stress and anxiety.

I have facilitated workshops in academic institutions, brands, charities and organisations such as UAL, Bournemouth University, Red Bull, The Diana Award, and the Southbank Centre.

I am Mental Health First Aid Trained, DBS Checked and Pediatric First Aid Trained.


Please find below a list of my workshops which can be adapted and tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

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More Information, Prices and Booking
For more information and to book me for a workshop please contact me via the contact form.
Body Image & Social Media (Interactive Workshop)

Research shows that Britain has some of the lowest body image scores around the world, with a third of all Brits saying they’re unhappy with the way they look. Lack of body image satisfaction interferes with young people’s ability to engage fully in their education and it is also a diagnostic criteria in common mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and, of course, eating disorders.


This is a discussion based participatory creative workshop aimed at young people (14 - 25) which explores body image, self-esteem and social media. 


Participants will: 

  • Explore what a positive and negative body image is

  • Learn how important the language we use about ourselves and others is

  • Think about their social media, how much time they spend on it, and how it can affect their mental health

  • Learn short accessible affirmations and mindfulness exercises 

  • Discover the importance of curating their own social media so social media becomes a positive place to be


The Self-Care Jar (Interactive Workshop)

This is a discussion based participatory creative workshop, exploring what self-care is, and how to actively make it a daily practice.


Participants will:

  • Be guided through a Mindfulness exercise 

  • Have a discussion about the challenges of self-care, and how we can overcome these

  • Be encouraged to think about how they can include self-care in their daily routines

  • Make a self-care jar which is filled with positive affirmations and practical self-care tips

To find out about my range of keynote talks, please visit the Talks page.
Mental Health Awareness Days 

Some schools, universities, organisations and brands book a workshop or a talk to fall in line with one of these mental health awareness campaigns.


Here is a list of the most popular campaigns which take place every year across the U.K:

  • World Suicide Prevention Day - 10 September

  • World Mental Health Day - ​​10th October

  • Self-Care Week ​​​18th – 24th November  

  • Time To Talk Day - 6th February

  • Self-Injury Awareness Day - ​​1st March

  • Eating Disorders Awareness Week ​2nd – 8th March

  • International Day of Happiness - 20th March

  • University Mental Health Day - ​5th March 

  • Stress Awareness Month - ​​April 

  • Mental Health Awareness Week ​18th 24th May

More Information, Prices and Booking
For more information and to book me for a workshop please contact me via the contact form.
Testimonials from previous workshops
“I learnt that I can express myself anyhow and I’m allowed to think about just ME!”
“You were very inclusive and kind”
“The Self-Care Jars were amazing – allowed me to have time out for me in deep thought whilst making them.”
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