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Imagining Futures - In Conversation: Building Psychological Resilience (Maudsley NHS)

I work on a project called Imagining Futures which is an arts & wellbeing project for young women (14-18) who struggle with their mental health and are at risk of self-harm. It is a collaboration between Brixton House Theatre and Maudsley Hospital CAMHS.

We have all felt the impact of Covid-19. It has had a damaging effect on us physically and mentally, on our sense of ourselves, our ability to cope, on our relationships, our communities, on the economy and global partnership. However, some groups of people have felt the impact much more than others because they were already vulnerable, or they now find themselves particularly at risk. In this series, we explore some ways in which psychological practitioners have worked with local community groups or people at particular risk, to harness strengths and empower them to manage their emotional and practical challenges.

This series explores the broad range of ways, voluntary groups, charities, local communities and statutory services use psychological practitioners to build individual and community resilience.

Date: Wednesday 16 December 12:30

Topic: Imagining Futures project

Host: Dr Alison Beck, Director of Psychology and Psychotherapy

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Guest speakers: Dr Lindsay Smith, Clinical Psychologist working with the CAMHS Adolescent At-Risk and Forensic Service (AAFS); Vikki Moorhouse, Imagining Futures Project Manager; Georgia Dodsworth, Imagining Futures Project Assistant.


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